VSAR 302

I overall like the class, It was pretty easy going. However, I would like to learn more about the photograph industry. How do you sell your self as a photographer. I really like learning how people go there jobs and what they did in the starting out. I would have like to learn about about indesign in detail in class. I know there tutorial online but it helps to learn it in class( a least for me). I actually would like like more field trips. Other than that the class was fine. I did learn to use a camera. I didn’t think I would care for photography but after a couple assignment. In the end after the MOPA museum project my attitude has change.

( ALSO I do apologies if my grammar has been garbage for these post and the paper. Got a learning disability and writing is hard for me grammar wise. I do appreciate the push to go to the writing center. I did kinda fix one of my major grammar problems)


I kind of was annoyed with this project. No one wanted to get there photo taken. I end up having to my son and cat for photos. They both would not stay still for nothing.

Blog Evaulation

I really like the Mopa photo project. I felt I was able to be more creative with the tools. The other project I also like the studio project. I like taking picture under different lights. The project that I dislike was the Pictorialism. I wasn’t really sure what t do with this project. I use dislike very loosely. It wasn’t my favorite but I didn’t hate it. I like pretty much the project. I did get something out the photo booth project. That one I really dislike. Overall the class was fun and I learn how to take decent photos.


I have never been to mopa until today. I actually didn’t even know it was there until this class. It just so tucked always from the other museums. I wasn’t really a fan of this exhibit. I wish there was more variety in photos. The photos I did like were the women covering their selves in flowers with flora print in the back. Rhodora was my favorite out the flora photos. There was also this photo call hell. Where all the figures are bath in red rays of light and it foggy dust flying around. Taking the photo was pretty hard because I had to run in front the camera for my photos. I had my two years old with me and he was having fun crawling under the tripod and messing with the camera. This was actually the hardest project for me because this was first time I need to really change my photos in Lightroom. The photo I took inspiration from were Hell by Tracey Moffat, Duette by Pat Brassington, Spirit of Endurance by Harold Cazneaux, The Swagman- on the road to Wilcannia, New South Wales by Axel Poignant and Mother & Baby by Tracey Moffat. Out of all five of the photos I love hell the most. I love the use of red color and the foggy ray of lights. I wasn’t sure how to do this photo. I ended up using exposure in certain parts of the photo and recoloring certain area to make the photo red. I really would like to try make this type of photo again when I’m more experienced. Going to the museum was a great experience.

Photo Booth Project

I really didn’t the like the idea of bugging people for photos but the area I went to was nice. I was in the balboa art center area. People were really friendly about helping me. Some the artist near by came and took photo. It was really sunny and windy. I could use the fabric with my back drop because it kept flying off. I had Diy my backdrop with pvc pipe. So I use the back drop and the art center mosaic to frame my photos. My video is on my phone will upload later.

I did a quick turn of the area. I had already pack up everything at this point.

Night Photo

Taking photo at night was a interesting experience. I drove to mission trails in santee. Sadly the entrance was close. So I took photo on the outside. I really like the two radio towers. I also like the way the light lite up in the photo. When I got home I notice that there was nice lighting so I took some photo there. Also my light room on my laptop is weird. I have only used the school computer to upload my assignment. All i’ve had to night is problems. light room is set up completely differently on my laptop. I had to save photo in Photoshop as jegp because of this. I will re-upload photo tomorrow morning when i’m on campus. All my files are acting strange. I will never work on light room on this laptop again.

Update 3/29/19: Photo below are the update photo


  1. worm eye, ruler off thirds, bird eye, frame, silhouette , long shot,

2. Digital Single lens refletive

3. manual, aperture,

4. shutter speed- is how fast the lens capture the image.

5. Crop, color correction/adjustment , eye dropper, correction tool

6. Photo information box

7.Natural light is from the sun

The unnatural light is made with reflector and lights

8. Butterfly, rembrant, All over, side light,

9. “fine art” in many people view is a painting or sculpture. If it does have a nude figure it is a woman. Porngraphy is a usually a photo with a nude figure. Sometime sexual act and sometime not

10. He took picture of 2 stranger in personal ways. Like holding hands and kissing. They didn’t know each other before the photo.

Robert Mapplethorpe

I found the documentary interesting. The nude photos did not shock or bother me. This might because I took a figure drawing class. It was a six hours class twice out the week for a semester. Where I had to study and draw a nude figure. The photos to me kind of boring.I feel it need something else add with the nude figure. I get the importance of the artwork thought. Going off memory of art history class. I remember learning that they only draw or sculpted nude figure if it was a Greek god/goddess like Venus. This continue in the renaissance period of art. That is why later painting like Manet, Picnic in the park at the time was so controversial at the time. It interesting how slowly that change. I’m glad someone like Robert Mapplethorpe challenge this idea in his work about the male figure. I like that his photography get better and better over time. He had a lot stuff in the background in the beginning. I get that his photo were sexual in nature. But It was a little weird how they focus on how hot he was and his sex life a little too much and. I did laugh on how Mapplethorpe felt about photography in the beginning. This is a reminder to try new things even if they seem like a waste of time.